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" If you love Chicago (like I do) and you love art (like I do) then how can you not own at least one awesome Tavlos piece? Your art collection will thank you for it! " Larry Levin President - Trading Advantage/Secrets of Traders

" Tavlos is a true friend and an amazing artist who I have worked with for many years. He is so passionate about his work and takes great pride in each piece he does, no matter what the size. I would definately recommend owning one of Tavlos's unique pieces or commissioning him to create something special."Eric Craig

" They say a picture is worth a thousand words... if that is so, I cannot begin to calculate how many words a Tavlos painting is worth!As with all great art, I feel that the beauty of a Tavlos' painting speaks for itself. All I could add, as someone who has been lucky enough to have enjoyed living with many wonderful Tavlos' paintings and watercolors for more than 35 years now, is that I cannot imagine my home without his amazing artwork gracing its walls.I am certainly not an expert on investments... but, I speak from experience when I say that if you decide to bring some Tavlos art into your life and home, you will never regret the decision! Living with the high energy and magical colors of his art will pay you dividends for years to come."ENJOY!J. R. Morrison

" Musica Mundial Productions selected Tavlos' iconic imagery for the creation of the Santa Fe 400th Commemorative DVD, "De los Azncianos a sus Ninos." Tavlos' Santa Fe and southwestern-inspired series spawned international recognition that became branded as "Santa Fe Style."  Tavlos' work has been universally imitated and for ONE REASON--TAVLOS GETS IT RIGHT EVERY TIME!He is brilliant!  His world is outlined and precise; there is no missing his discipline, yet the strict structure of his work disappears as the subject discloses the meaning of the piece."Giovanna CardinalliMusica Mundial Productions

" Tavlos art has had an immasurable impact on my psyche and my life. To experience a Tavlos painting is to be magically drawn into a parallel universe where straight is curvy and curves are straight, where color is bolder, characters are wilder, and the truth of our emotions is laid even barer than we dare acknowledge them ourselves. This experience alters you, and when you return to the world outside his paintings, you have a new sense of what is real and what are the variables of our perception. " Anna Maria

" From childhood to senior status, I have visited museum after museum throughout the world, getting to know great masters of great favor and others of more modest acclaim. Yet, when I moved to Santa Fe, renown Mecca of artists, I found one artist that meant more to me than all the others. Tavlos had a style that hit me on so many levels. Tavlos soon led the trend and defied it at the same time. Tavlos' imagination ignites whatever space or form he chooses to occupy. " Jayne Padilla

" Tavlos' fine art commands the space with an immediate accessabilty. Viewing his works transforms you. To measure the impact of a Tavlos upon your mood is impossible. You just feel it and it changes you. Tavlos' artistry evokes empathy as he exposes the human condition in all its frailities, and gives us a victorious howl. " Nancy Devine

" I met my old friend Tav in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993. What began as a project to photograph a handful of murals he painted within several of the city's high desert estates turned out to be the beginning of a relationship with a man who brought into my life and the lives of those closest to me a abundance of joy, creativity, surprise, sating of the body and mind, peace, generosity, and most of all unconditional love. I have no memory of this man ever being a taker...from anyone. Whether you are lucky enough to be a recipient of his art, his mind altering "Tavaritas" or his love, you will have been touched by one of the few true givers that is walking the planet today.A memorable artist is a master of form, content and truth. Their work uniquely stimulates, irresistibly evokes and memorably enriches those in proximity to it. Their work transcends the need for explanation simply because it communicates on a visceral level. Their work provokes those it touches to want to keep it close and to share it with others. Tavlos, by any measure is a great artist....if you have been touched by his art, you know what Im talking about.A memorable man is also a master of form, content and truth. When their paths cross our own, our lives become better than they were before, irresistibly drawn into their orbit as they inexorably warm and enrich all around them. Relationship with them transcends words because their gifts bring speak to our hearts and spirits...celebrating our strengths & supportive through our frailties. Their light is something you want to keep close and share with others...they always seem to have enough to go around. Tavlos, by any measure is a great man...if you have been touched by his love, you know what Im talking about. "Christopher